Seriously? You read romance? Why?!?

To be fair, I guess I have all the incredulous feelings whenever someone I know admits to reading James Patterson.  I guess the difference is that I don’t carry my Patterson disdain across his entire genre to make the assumption that anyone reading any suspense novel is obviously reading crap and also delusional.

So, it’s been August for a while (20 days, in fact), but I’m finally getting around to mentioning that August is national Read-a-Romance month (who knew?).  To celebrate, 93 romance authors are writing posts about why romance matters over at  Some of my favorite posts are by Ruthie Knox (surprise, surprise…), Elizabeth Hoyt, Christina Dodd, Julie James, and Maya Rodale.  After reading those last two posts, I went on a little bit of a book buying spree (oops), but it was worth it.

I love this video, courtesy of Maya Rodale:

As a romance reader, I find these posts incredibly empowering.  If you’ve ever wondered why so many women (and men!) read so many romance novels or if you enjoy romance novels and you’ve despaired at so many people feeling the need not only to look down on your choice of reading material but also to tell you about it, you should check out some of these posts.

It’s national Read-a-Romance month, so go out and read a sex novel!  It’s good for you.