Dream job title: Supreme Vice Chancellor

Job titles are pretty much always ridiculous, right?  They rarely have any bearing on the actual work that one does and are instead vanity pieces that we show off to one another.  Woe betide the humble Administrative Assistant, but if you take that same person in the same job and elevate her (because it’s nearly always a woman) to “coordinator” or, God help us all, “Special Assistant to the _____ and Communications Coordinator,” then she’ll be able to hold her head up high and feel some self-worth at long last.

She might even get business cards.

Anyway, I have a new job title, and it was meant to acknowledge some of the responsibilities that I accidentally took on when I could not help but notice all the misplaced commas, misspelled names, and unchecked ‘facts’ that made it to final publications at the place where I work, but it really doesn’t.  Instead, it makes me think of transvestites every time I see it on my email signature line.

I used to be an administrative assistant who performed the functions of an executive assistant, event planner, and editor… now I am, strangely, an Executive Coordinator.

Still waiting for the transvestite tie-in?  Wait no longer.

There are a few plain ol’ coordinators ’round these parts, and it’s so difficult not to refer to them (in my head or out loud) as ‘fuckin’ weirdo coordinators’… I manage (barely), but it’s an effort.  Anyway, I figured I would post this bit of news (after the fact… I started in the “new” job last month) to explain my slightly haphazard posting schedule.  We’ve a lot of publications coming out before the start of the academic year, and I’ve been very busy editing and ranting on Twitter about how annoying it is that no one seems to understand what is meant by the words “final draft” for a “final review.”  Oh, are you curious, too?  Well, let me tell you.  A final draft should be as free of errors as possible (having been through several review stages to remove all those errors, right?), and a final review should just be quick read-through to confirm a document’s final publication-worthy status.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back to a more regular schedule in the next few weeks.

OK, there is simply no excuse for this, but I’m doing it anyway.  This video would be so much better if it were actually Kermit instead of a strangely good knock-off, but I can’t help myself: it’s about bacon! (sort of)