Sunshine Award – I’m a winner! (ish)

You’ve met people who have won lots of awards throughout their lives.  When they were young, they had awards and ribbons crammed onto every horizontal space of their bedroom, dripping from the shelves.  If they were particularly accomplished, those awards were displayed on the mantel for visitors to see.  Those kids walked with an extra spring in their step, because they knew they were winners.

I was not one of those kids.  The only ribbons I won at the mandatory track meets I attended were green and labeled me “participant.”  Honestly, why even give out a ribbon that just says “I was there.”  I won plenty of certificates for exemplary reading (and one engraved award, in high school, that my mom still displays in the living room, if you can believe it), but there were no trophies or little statues to proclaim my worth as a human being.

But today, I’m a winner.  My blog has been nominated for the Sunshine Award.  I’m pretty sure that means I’m awesome.  (I might be overcompensating for years of not winning anything, but I hope you’ll forgive me my excess.)  What is the Sunshine Award?  It’s an image of an orange gerbera daisy that bloggers give out to other “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

And all I have to do is follow three simple rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave me this award in a blog post (this one, in case you were wondering).
  2.  Answer the questions listed below.
  3. Pass on the award to 10 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them, and link to their blogs.  That last bit might take me a while (I’m new to linking), but I’m determined to succeed.  After all, I’m a winner!

So, first of all, I need to thank Life in a Notebook for nominating me for this award.  It really made my day.  I’m fairly new to the blogosphere, and it’s nice to have positive feedback in the form of an orange gerbera daisy!

Now the questions:

  1. Favorite Color:  It depends on my mood.  Most of the time, green works for me, but I also love red, blue, and yellow.
  2. Favorite Animal:  I think meerkats are pretty dang cool.  
  3. Favorite Number:  4
  4. Favorite Drink:  If you go by what I drink most often, that answer is iced tea (unsweetened).  I also like scotch (which I don’t drink very often at all) and good red wine (particularly syrah).
  5. Facebook or Twitter:  I use Facebook to keep in touch with my family and share photos, but Twitter has its uses as well.
  6. Your Passion:  My husband and daughters, for sure.  I love to read, and I spend a lot of time with my nose in a book, but I’m passionate about my family.
  7. Giving or getting presents:  Giving, although I’m pretty bad at it.
  8. Favorite Day:  Tuesday
  9. Favorite Flowers:  I love tiger lilies and daffodils.

Now the pass-it-on:

I want to recognize the bloggers who have positively and creatively inspired me.  That’s way more than 10 bloggers, by the way, so I arbitrarily chose 10 to list here.  Other than #1, who got me started on my blog, these are in no particular order.  🙂

  1. Beauty in Budget Blog
  2. Reflections of a Book Addict
  3. Project Dinosaur
  4. Enchanted by Books
  5. Melanie’s Musings
  6. 365 Books a Year
  7. Lady Romp
  8. Squshies
  9. Truth, Freedom, Beauty and Books
  10. The Bawdy Book Blog