I really hate most 70s rock music…

My office is hosting a party to celebrate a beloved faculty member’s tenure as Dean, and I got assigned the lovely task of putting together a playlist of his favorite songs to play at the event.  As a consequence, I have spent most of the day listening to such delightful bands as Asia, Ambrosia, Gov’t Mule, Widespread Panic, and the Strawbs.  Until a few weeks ago, I was blissfully unaware of these bands (especially the Strawbs… good Lord!).  With prolonged exposure to these bands, I have been able to determine that (1) I don’t mind psychedelic rock from the 60s, but I really hate it from the 70s; (2) at some point in a man’s life, it is no longer OK to have long, stringy hair…the boys from Metalica and Bon Jovi had it right when they cut theirs off to a respectable length; (3) I am exceedingly grateful that my dad never listened to this stuff while I was growing up!

Not sure what sort of music I’m talking about?

It’s classy stuff, and, yes, I do believe that is a mullet.

You might also be wondering why I have these album covers easily at my disposal.  That’s part two of my random project: compile the music into a playlist and create a slideshow from images of the bands’ cover art, concert posters, and concert photos.  It’s possible that I wouldn’t be so bitter about listening to this stuff all day if I didn’t have to be looking at (after searching for) pictures of them as well.  To put all of this in the proper perspective, however, I do have to point out that I would rather listen to Ambrosia’s “Biggest Part of Me” all day on a never-ending loop than listen to 10 minutes of KISS FM…


3 thoughts on “I really hate most 70s rock music…

  1. Careful there, one day perhaps one of your daughters may have some interesting comments to make about Muse. That being said, I share your opinion on 70’s music, especially the “wannabe’s”.

  2. I really, really, really love the Strawbs, and most of the 70s’ music that was under most persons radar, back then. Thanks for the high res ‘Grave New World’ graphic. Oh yea, having a hard time liking Muse.

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